The OnTop Stand is completely made and assembled in the U.S.  We are not creating a product to source out, but instead making all of the parts & machinery to produce them, right here in  Georgia. We want to be a part of a renewed pledge to put more manufacturing jobs back to America.  This unique product will change the way you use, and transport your acoustic guitar.  Leave your bulky guitar stand at home and let the OnTop Guitar Stand help you play on the road.  The OnTop Acoustic Stand is now an exclusive member of the NAMM Best In Show Winner.


We will also be keeping everyone up to date on Twitter (@ontopworldmusic), and Facebook (OnTop World Music Products)!

    All of our stands are made with custom built CNC machinery, to ensure a prefect product every time.  Product quality issues can be fixed on the spot, instead of waiting on a supplier to make a change.  We make all of our stands to hold up to the abuse a carrying musician can put it through.

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